Glue Pots and Namorado

July 29, 2009

Today was a pretty average day, full of “we’re not just visiting” errands. We went to the post office to mail a letter to AT&T to prove that we’re no longer living in the US and would like to freeze our accounts. We learned that there are no gluey envelopes here. You don’t lick them closed. You bring your envelope, sans lickable strip, to the post office, where along with the slips and stubs there are also glue pots, where you take a little old-school rubber cement brush and paste your envelope shut.

I also just bought fish for the first time in Brazil. It’s a white fish called namorado in Portuguese, which is also the word for boyfriend, which is sort of cute. I’m making cornmeal crusted namorado for/with my namorado.


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