Jazz Fest

July 26, 2009

There was a Jazz Festival on our street last night.  Rua Dias Ferreira was packed with people, each restaurant brimming and spilling over with more patrons than they had ever had.  The music was pretty mediocre, but it was such a fun atmosphere.  We grabbed a few beers from our apartment and wandered through the crowd, taking in the scene.


There were kids our age, and families and older couples and groups filling the streets.  The last act was Marcelo Camelo, who I think is pretty popular here, or was at least singing popular songs that everyone knew the words and boogied too.


Afterwards, we sat on a stoop and watched the people go by fora while, thinking that that was exactly what this Brazil experience was supposed to be.

In other news, Botafogo (the team Scott chose to support) won last night against the best team in the league ( A sunny day in Cincinnati). Oh, also, we can hear tons of cheering from our apartment, and we just discovered that Rio is erupting because Brazil just beat Serbia in volley ball.


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