Rainy Day Blues: Part II (and couverts)

July 25, 2009

To close out yesterday on a note of optimism, Scott’s flawlessly reserved table at Gero, a beautiful Italian Restaurant here, was rewarded with one of the best meals we’ve had in Rio.  The whole room was rustic red brick and soft leather and subtle, gorgeous Brazilian wood.  The wine Scott picked was delicious and the food was really fantastic.  They brought out a huge bread basket with four different condiments, which we discussed as being totally trust inspiring– how that earns such big points for a restaurant at such minimal expense to them. This was also the first place we have been in Brazil where literally everyone there was hip, and groomed, and had i-phones at their elbows, and ordered Verve Clicquot for fun.  As we were leaving close to midnight, groups of wealthy teenagers were just sitting down for dinner, maybe the children of politicians.

When our bill came, we learned that this had all be part of an ‘Optional Couvert’ that no one had given us a chance to refuse.  We had an extra R$38 ($20) tacked on for bread. A sneaky ‘covert’ charge? It can’t be a coincidence the words are one letter off.  Sure, it’s one thing if it’s a flat rate per table, but to charge us per person?  Scott inquired about it, and it was promptly taken off.  Another triumph.


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