Rainy Day Blues

July 24, 2009

Rio is not really a city that functions in the rain.  There’s nothing to do, there’s no way to get around.

After scrapping our traveling plans for this weekend given yesterday’s fiasco and the unrelenting rain (it’s supposed to last until Wednesday), today’s been a bit of bust, too.  After five hours of Portuguese class, we left PUC in the pouring rain, got on a bus to Botafogo and got off, thinking that we would be at, or able to walk to, Rio Sul–the city’s biggest mall (at least it’s inside, right?).  We were not.  After wandering in the rain for some time, we realized that we were separated by a highway, unable to cross on foot, and getting wet and frustrated.  We got on another bus, finally got to the mall, and were, well, at a crowded mall on a rainy day.

The highlight of the day?  Scott made a dinner reservation, FLAWLESSLY, in Portuguese.  It was very impressive.  Hopefully dinner will save this soggy day.


One Response to “Rainy Day Blues”

  1. Marjory said

    be careful while you are taking a bus in Brazil! its too dangerous!!

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