Soccer and ties

July 19, 2009

We just went to Devassa, a local bar, to watch an inner city soccer rivalry, Botafogo v. Flamengo.  Botafogo has had a rough go of things this season (I’m learning about all of the different leagues, etc. and Scott has become a serious Botafogo fan), and it looked like they were going to win for the majority of the second half, but alas, with just a few minutes to go, Flamengo scored, and the game was tied, 2 to 2.  Soccer itself is growing on me slightly, I can get into watching it, but really, all the ties are so middle wiggle, so mediocre.  To invest the time to watch an hour and a half of a pretty damn boring sport (I only watched the second half, in all fairness) to have it end in a tie is so neither here nor there.  It stinks.  I’ll try to curb my complaining about overtime in American sports, at least someone wins at the end.

The benefit of sitting at a bar to watch soccer games is watching young Brasileiros interact with one another.  From an anthropological standpoint, it’s great.  They’re super affectionate and physical, greeting each other so warmly with hugs and kisses.  It just looks so fun to be a Brazilian 20-something.  I have visions of us speaking Portuguese fluently and sitting there with all of our friends, erupting in glory when Botafogo wins.


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