Notions of Political Correctness

July 14, 2009

When Scott and I returned to PUC-Rio this morning for our Português para estrangeiros class, the teacher was there (!) and we were excited to learn. We discovered that Rosetta Stone did teach us enough for us to arrogantly think that we should move to the next level, out of the beginner class (we asked Party Time Ted what they were learning in the advanced class and were promptly put in our place), and then we figured out that we just need to lobby for an intermediate level class.

We also learned, as we were discussing how to express where we were from and our nationality (Eu sou Americana), that it’s okay to pull on the outside edges of your eyelids to express that you’re from Japan. At least our teacher thought so. We were rather alarmed. Did she really just do that!? Wild.


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