Washing Machine Blues

July 8, 2009

Our apartment has a washing machine, and the manager of the apartment, Silvia, told us on the day we moved in that she was going to come with the technician to fix it the next day.  Then she came the next day and said the guy would come the day after.  She would call to make sure we were home.  She hasn’t come yet, so Scott and I, running low on clean clothes after arriving here two weeks ago, decided to inspect the washing machine situation and see if we could fix the problem (we’re very good at fixing lots of things, our suburban Jewish upbringings don’t qualify us to tackle heavy machinery).  We thought it was new and it had to be hooked up.  It was indeed hooked up, so we plugged it in, threw in our whites, and thought, oh, it must be fine. What’s the worst that can happen, water all over the floor? yes.



One Response to “Washing Machine Blues”

  1. Meagan said

    The same thing happened to Lucy and I when we were abroad in London. Unfortunately, our washer/dryer was in the kitchen … less than ideal. Darned Euro electronics!

    Miss you two! xo

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