Caffeine, Movement, and IlRio

July 8, 2009

Scott and I were talking about desk jobs last night, and how for the first time in five years, I don’t have one.

I should mention here that I’m working for a think tank called the Rio Leadership Institute. I’m working on their long term media strategy plan, website redesign, case study research, grant writing, etc., but it’s all on my own time, with weekly check in phone calls. The executive council splits their time between Rio, New York, and Sao Paulo, so it’s all fairly decentralized and there’s no office to go to (although they have a partnership with the Fulbright office here in Rio, so they sometimes use that). Once I surpass 200 words in Portuguese, I’m hoping there will be more opportunities to do different things (like maybe volunteer at a health clinic in the favela).

So for the first time in five years, I find myself with time to roam, to walk everywhere even if it’s absurdly far, to wander down different streets and avenues just because they look like they might have cute stores, or extra leafy trees, or the view of the ocean might be different around the next corner. It’s delicious to be outside as much as I want, to not be glued to a chair, a phone, a computer, a schedule. I can run whenever I please, I don’t have to cram it in by 8am as I did in New York for so long. It’s a freedom I’m just getting used to.

This is a minor aside, but as a girl who used to have a big cup of coffee every morning, Brazil seems to have broken me of my habit. I still love coffee, but you can’t get it to go here, people either stand and drink it at counters or sit in cafes, which takes time, and it’s just not the same as a big steaming cup of coffee (or iced coffee, which is what one would really want here). So I’ve gone more mornings that I’ve realized without coffee, and I don’t miss it at much as I thought I would. Although now writing about it makes me want some…


One Response to “Caffeine, Movement, and IlRio”

  1. Emily said

    I’m drinking coffee right now…

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