Ipanema exploration

July 7, 2009

Things like this happen here:


Men re-kane chairs on the street.  This was on the east side Praca Nascimiento de Paz, where there are a lot of high end boutiques (amazingly all Brazilian designers–so little US infiltration here), and glossy design stores.  It was just a really nice juxtapostion, like the little kiosks on nearly every corner where men copy keys, and the fact that nice restaurants are in glass huts along the beach.

Just around the corner, I found my new favorite boutique in Ipanema


It was full of funky, colorful clothes.  The most unfortunate trend here (as I’m trying to learn the style and figure out how it goes) are genie-ish pants that are loose, with tons of extra fabric around the ass, diaper style, and tight at the ankles.  Not flattering on anyone. The rest of it is super cute though.

On my walk home, it grew dusky on the leafy streets, and cool, after a cloudless day.  The posh houses between Ipanema and the lagoa were quiet and the air had sort of a satisfaction to it.  I was excited to see streets I hadn’t noticed before, flowers, cool, lush smells.  As I turned a corner back onto the main street, a man was playing the saxophone outside an ice cream shop.  He had coffee-colored skin and a headfull of dreads and was dressed all in white, playing jazz while little kids giggled and ran around him licking their sorvetes.  That sweet image gave way to the discovery of homemade potato chips at a hole-in-the-wall grocery that are not to be believed.


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