Portugues para Estrangeiros Intensivo

July 6, 2009

I had a good driving with my eyes closed moment today.

We have been asking around for good Portuguese lessons and everyone has recommended PUC-Rio, the local university here.  I found the course that we were looking for (intensive, for foreigners: Portugues para Estrangeiros Intensivo) and there was an online application (great! no need for phone calls! or exploring neighborhoods I don’t know yet by myself!)  The deadline to sign up was today (we didn’t miss it!) but Scott needed clearance from his boss to work half days for three weeks, but his boss is New York and this is a long way of saying that I had to call PUC-Rio and ask them what time registration closed today.

So I called, and no one spoke English, and I got transferred to another office where someone maybe spoke English, but they didn’t.  This happened a few times, I got different numbers, I looked words up one by one.  I spoke enough Portuguese so I got long answers in Portuguese that I didn’t understand.  In my frustration I hung up, worked out and wrote down the whole sentence in Portuguese like I was twelve, or in the (terrible) movie He’s Just Not That Into You. Eu quero saber a que hora e fim de prazo para applicar hoje por Portuguese para Estrangeiros Intensivo.  It didn’t work, they didn’t understand. Damn.

But it wound up being okay.  Scott and I are now taking Portuguese para Estrangeiros Intensivo from 8.30am to 1pm, Monday through Friday for three weeks.  Esta bom.


3 Responses to “Portugues para Estrangeiros Intensivo”

  1. Edite said

    Dearest Brooke and Scott, please do ask for portuguese help with me. Is there something I can do fo you?
    Please do call and come to S.Paulo, we´ll be here while the girls were travelling,we do have place for you!

    Glad you found an appartment and in a very good place, where did you learn portuguese? I´m sure you speak better than I speek english.
    Love you and miss you. Edite

    • meninanorio said


      How are you and Paolo? We can’t wait to come to SP to visit, and thank you for your offer to help. We’re getting by and hope these lessons at PUC will be very helpful. I’m sure your English will always be better than our Portuguese. Hopefully we’ll see you very soon. All our love, Scott and Brooke

  2. Jennifer M said

    Ola menina no Rio,
    I am so glad to have found your blog entry. I am planning to go to Brazil this summer to study Portuguese. I heard PUC is GREAT, but I can’t seem to locate their schedule online for any classes between June 15 to August 30 of this year. ANy thoughts?

    I’m needing this info ASAP this week to make decisions on an intermediate class. YOur help would be greatly appreciated. I currently found a program at IBEU in Copa, but think PUC may be a better choice.

    Muito obrigada pela sua ajuda!!!
    Uma estudante em Seattle, WA

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