Mulatos Negros a Ruvios e Loiros

July 5, 2009

We went over to Leme today, at the other end of the beaches, to meet some cousins of friends (thanks for the connection, Michael!) and had lunch at a beach sushi kiosk.  (We didn’t eat at Bar Luiz, which is famous in its own right, but the kiosks look the same).

At lunch, Michael’s cousin explained these to us:


They monitor how strong the sun is that particular day–notice the green to red to purple scale on the top portion–and then recommend what SPF level people of different skin tones should wear–the bottom part where it goes from mulatos negros to ruvios e loiros (redheads and blonds).  Abroad, Brazil is sort of known as a raceless society.  I think that this proves that it’s not as binary as that, race definitely plays some sort of role, it’s just not clear to me yet how that is totally manifested.  It’s definitely true that this is not something that would exist in the United States.


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