Zaza and Palaphita Kitch

July 4, 2009

Scott and I had a super fun night last night. We went here:

A dreamy place with really delicious food–flatbreads with a trio of dips–tomatoes sweetened with honey, eggplant caponata and an amazingly kicky wasabi cream. We had tuna tartar with a hoison sauce (like Momofuku) and the most amazing dessert.

If you have a kitchen torch, please make this. It was banana carpaccio brule–thinly sliced bananas, arranged beautifully to cover the whole plate with a layer of caramelized, crusty sugar, topped off with coconut tapioca ice cream. It was crunchy and creamy, hot and cold and sweet.

From there we went here to Palaphita Kitch…

A very loungy bar that overlooks the lagoa (Rio has water everywhere–the Atlantic, a bay and a lake, it gets confusing sometimes when you’re driving around), with strong caparinhas, twinkly lights and cool music. I also found their candles to be pretty innovative. Instead of regular votives gracing each table, they had a little crappy piece of plastic, with a normal, white stubby candle, covered by a rusted box grater. It sounds awful now that I’m writing it (Brooke, where have your critical senses gone? Are you just so smitten with everything Brasileiro?) but the effect was pretty cool. Everyone’s doing more with less these days, right?


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