Vagabond and food

July 2, 2009

Yesterday was spent apartment hunting.  Finally we have found a few that we like, and there is one more that we think will be great, we just have to go see it.  At this point, it would be quite nice to unpack and get a little more settled.

Also, more on the food… I think Brazilian street food is incredible–the popcorn, the churros filled with chocolate or dulce de leche, coconuts, corn on the cob.  The most common Brazilian dish is steak with rice, black beans, and farofa–sort of a toasted, really salty manioc flour that makes everything taste really delicious.  It’s good, but a little heavy to eat every day.  Other traditional sort of bar foods–shrimp with garlic and oil, fried cassava with parmesan cheese, are great. Also, the fruit here is really amazing–there are fruits I’ve never seen, varieties of mangoes and bananas, passion fruits.  Fruit and vegetable markets are so brimming with green leaves and juicy things that I can’t wait to start cooking.

We’ve been staying on Rio’s ‘Restaurant Row’ and have made our way to many of the places along the street.  Sushi Leblon is very fashionable, and has pretty good sushi, but if it were in New York, it would be pretty average.  The other restaurants are  good, but there’s sort of a standard Rio handicap.  It’s like when my brother lived in Brooklyn before Brooklyn became the culinary destination it is now, and restaurants that would be a five or six out of ten in Manhattan were elevated to eights across the river.  In Rio, the food is usually good, but they’re still working on a few things.

Although this was my breakfast



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