July 2, 2009

We found an apartment and moved in today.  It’s even better than we could have hoped for.  I’ll post pictures tomorrow in daylight.  The story itself feels very Brasileiro–the broker I had been in touch with didn’t have access to our apartment, but her friend did and her friend could track down the owner to get the keys, but alas, the friend was out of town, in Europe on vacation.  Oh, but wait!  The friend’s son could make this happen for us (as soon as possible, we said, please, we have to check out of our hotel, it’s getting expensive.).  So at 1.30 I’m supposed to meet the son to let us in, and the owner (oops!) forgot to leave the keys with the doorman.  We go back to our hotel.  We wait.  We have a sandwich.  And finally at 2.30 we see the apartment.  We get in, and it’s perfect.  And as we walk out to get our bags from our hotel some statuesque Brazilian model walks in.  When we get back in the elevator with our bags, so does a dapper middle-aged gentlemen who lives on the same floor.  He splits his time between Miami and Rio.  Not so shabby.  We’re ecstatic.  Oh, and it has two bedrooms and two bathrooms, so come visit.


3 Responses to “Apartamentoooooooo”

  1. Claire said

    Oh, Brookie! Hooray! I can’t wait to see it. I’m so glad you guys can get officially settled.

  2. Karen said

    Hi Brooke!I ´m so happy you could finally find THE appartment.I´m enjoying very much your blog and can´t wait to meet you.I hope Scott told you that you´re invited to SP anytime convenient for you.
    Keep writing!

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