The market and the day

June 30, 2009


This market was on my way home from looking at an apartment today.  It was way more incredible than it looks in these paltry iphone pictures, but I was getting harassed to buy custard apples and mangos and papayas and so I didn’t want to pause too much.  It was awesome though, and if I had had money on me I would have bought said fruits. There were also some pictures of fish stands that didn’t come out at all… all blue and white striped awnings with glistening fillets and googly-eyed whole creatures with gills, just out of the sea not a hundred feet down the leafy, tree-lined street.

Also, looking for an apartment in Rio has been interesting.  I think at this point, every real estate broker who caters to tourists knows that we, my boyfriend and I, are looking for a one or two bedroom flat in Ipanema or Leblon, for the next year, with an outdoor space, high speed internet in a secure building.  We’ve been pushy in a way that only Americans can, and I swear that it’s only because we would like to unpack and get settled.


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