June 30, 2009

Now for today’s good news.  I had a lovely breakfast this morning and a place that was like a Rio version of Le Pain Quotedien.  Following some coffee and brioche toast with butter and honey, I ventured toward the beach.


It was sunny and breezy and I learned a little bit about how to navigate the Ipanema sands.  Beach chairs cost R$4 to rent, or about $2, and you set up shop for the day with your friends (we’ll make some eventually, I’m sure), bring a thin sort of pareo to lay down over the chair and then sit back and listen.  It’s a collection of sounds– vendors going by selling drinks, sandwiches, beers, lemonade, coconuts, sunglasses, bikini tops, jewelry, grilled catipury cheese on skewers, sunscreen.  If you look up, they stop and look at you, if you just listen you’re in the clear.  Also, the bikinis are impossibly tiny.  I couldn’t take any pictures without feeling like a little bit of a creep, but they’re small.


One Response to “Ipanema”

  1. Michael said

    Brooklyn, more about the tiny bakinis, less about the machine guns… Isn’t one of the goals to try and have people come visit you guys???

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