Sol and Jardim Botanico

June 28, 2009

The Rio City Marathon was this morning, and we got to the beach after it was pretty much over.  We strolled along the beach for a while, watching kids play soccer and mixed matches of footvolley (an amazing sport where men and women play volleyball without using their hands at all, it’s all toes, heels, heads, chests, anything besides the hands.)

At breakfast

At breakfast

At the beach

At the beach



From the beach, we walked along the lagoa to the Jardim Botanico, where Scott took a ton more pictures.

The Jardim Botanico had the same sort of sad, overgrown quality as a lot of these places in third world countries, like the Calcutta Zoo, although the plants here look far happier than the animals there.  Scott didn’t sense the sadness at all, so perhaps it was entirely my imagination.  There were very cool parts about it and it was a nice quiet oasis in the middle of the urban tangle, quite different from the beach.



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