June 26, 2009

Last year when we were in Rio I fell in love with the popcorn here.  It comes in sweet (sort of caramelly) and salty, and it’s always slightly warm, super cheap, and totally delicious.  It’s never stale, and today I realized why.  They have a small round pot sort of thing (metal, dented) that sits above a flame.  The pot has a crank that spins the popcorn as it pops so it doesn’t get stuck to the bottom and the kernels don’t burn.  It’s so simple, but I think it’s sort of genius.

While I’m on the topic of street food, we revisited our old favorite, churros filled with chocolate (also available with dulce de leche), on our way to the centro.  The buildings there were ornate and it very much looks like Europe.  We went into the library, and it was just stunning, with a grand marble staircase, a stained glass ceiling, red carpeting and the same feeling of gravitas that you get walking into the New York Public Library.


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